Instructions for Authors

Authors must submit their manuscript title, author name(s) and last name(s), ORCID number of author(s), institution and contact information, e-mail address, and a short biographical note in a separate file.  (Click to download the Author Information Form.)

The submitted manuscript should not include any information regarding the author, including their first and last name. Articles should include a title, abstract, 3-6 keywords, body text, and a bibliography.

Articles and research-in-progress pieces should not exceed 8000 (eight thousand) words, including abstract, notes, and references.

The word limit for book reviews is 1500 words.

Manuscripts not complying with citation and/or grammar rules will be returned to the author for revision before being accepted to preliminary evaluation.

Communication in co-authored texts will be maintained with the person who forwards the manuscript to the Journal.

The authors of the manuscripts published in the journal are not paid any royalties.

Masculinities does not charge the authors for any fee for publication of their manuscripts.

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