Serious Masculinity: Seriousness of Masculinity

The forth workshops of ICSM was carried out April 26, 2014  hosted by KASAUM in Ankara, Turkey. Selin Akyüz and Beril Türkoğlu made presentations about political masculinities and unemployment, respectively. To be more specific, Selin Akyüz talked about Political Masculinities based on political culture and history of Turkey. Beril Türkoğlu, on the other hand, critically carried out her presentation titled as “Masculinities on the Fault Line” which underlines the importance of work on the social construction of masculinities as well as referring the destructiveness of unemployment and its role on masculinity crisis.
“Ağır Erkeklik Erkekliğin Ağırlığı” atölyesi programı için tıklayınız. 
You can read the review article about this workshop written by Berfin Varışlı at

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