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Critical studies on men and masculinities is a developing and interdisciplinary field of inquiry, flourished in association with feminist and LGBTQ studies since its establishment in the 1980’s by the substantial efforts of authors such as Raewyn Connell, Michael Kimmel, Jeff Hearn, Victor Seidler and David Morgan among many others. This field is now elaborating and promoting its own issues and agendas. Masculinities. A Journal of Culture and Society, an internationally refereed journal which is published by Initiative for Critical Studies of Masculinities (ICSM), is a part of these efforts.

Masculinities. A Journal of Culture and Society is open to articles and essays from every field of social sciences and humanities, which critically investigate men and masculinities. It is published biannually in Spring and Autumn  Submissions can be written either in English or Turkish.

The aim of Masculinities. A Journal of Culture and Society is to provide a common platform for researchers and academicians to discuss freely and inspiringly on gender, especially representation of masculinities, gender identity formation, and cultural, social and aesthetic influences of masculinity on culture and literature.

Masculinities. A Journal of Culture and Society primarily offers a joint ground for the interdisciplinary and pioneering research in the field of gender and masculinity, necessarily outreaching into arts, literature, history, sociology, philosophy, communications, and linguistics so as to enable researchers to share their work, discuss prospective projects, learn from each other, and inspire young scholars.

The editor(s) welcome scholarly and critical contributions, including articles, book and film reviews, reviews of the published articles, reviews of master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation, as well as announcements of forthcoming events, conference reports, and information on other matters of interest to gender studies and/or masculinity studies. 

Masculinities. A Journal of Culture and Society, published by Initiative for Critical Studies of Masculinities (ICSM), is the first peer-reviewed journal on men and masculinities in Turkey. Journal has connected the people who work on different fields from different countries since the day it calls for paper for its first issue, and it shows us that the interest and the necessity of critical studies on masculinities is more than estimated.


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