2nd International Symposium on Men and Masculinities











Initiative for Critical Studies of Masculinities (ICSM) cordially invites proposals for the 2nd International Symposium on Men and Masculinities to take place between 12th and 14th September in İstanbul, Turkey, in collaboration with Özyeğin University, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, and Research Worldwide İstanbul. The symposium aims to discuss how the current troubling sociopolitical context of populist authoritarianism, illiberalism, and precarity affect as well as transform experiences, discussions, theories, discourses and activism related to men and masculinities.

The current sociopolitical atmosphere is marked by rising authoritarian regimes in democratic countries, increasing repression of the opposition, the media, and civil society as well as strong anti-immigrant reactions and policies. Intertwined with this are increasing precarity, deepening inequality, and diminishing social security as a result of neoliberal economic agenda. Significantly, gender and sexuality are central to this broad context, particularly to the rise of illiberal, authoritarian politics. Issues related to gender and sexuality stand out as specific targets as shown in Gender Studies accreditation ban in Hungary, threatening of transgender rights in the USA, and attempts to limit women’s rights such as right to maintenance support after divorce in Turkey – as opposed to powerful manifestations of demand for gender equality such as the global “Me Too Movement”. How then are men and masculinities situated in this broad context? And what insight can studies on men and masculinities offer to enhance our understanding of the current sociopolitical atmosphere?

We invite researchers to discuss how masculinities have been (re)constructed in the broader context of authoritarianism and neoliberalism as well as how men have been shaping such processes. Additionally, we would like to deal with how this context affects the global movement for gender equality. We also aim to put under scrutiny the ways in which the current sociopolitical context affects the production of knowledge and theoretical discussions related to masculinities.


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