“Initiative for Critical Studies of Masculinities” (ICSM) is an independent and self-funded collaboration founded in 2013, which consists of activists and researchers from diverse fields such as sociology, psychology, literature, political sciences, and media studies in Turkey. It aims to serve as a hub for researchers of masculinities, advancing in the field opened by feminism, LGBTQ and gender studies and activism in cooperation with each of them.
Primary aims of ICSM are to increase the visibility of critical study of masculinities as an academic field and also a field of activism; to strengthen its local existence in theoretical and practical means, and to expand the critical discussion of patriarchy in cultural, sociological and artistic dimensions.
ICSM tries to increase the popularity of critical study of masculinities and awareness about gender inequalities working exclusively on marginalization of gendered identities, and providing support for profeminist activism of men, and also feminist and LGBTQ activism.
ICSM publishes Masculinities Journal: A Journal of Identity and Culture, the first peer-reviewed journal that focuses on men and masculinities in Turkey, and holds symposiums and organizes workshops.
Two Google groups of ICSM:
One is in Turkish that enables sharing for criticisms on men and masculinities and announcements of ICSM: erkeklikçalışmaları
Other is in English which is based on Masculinities Journal and where the announcements of symposiums and workshops are shared: masculinitiesjournal


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