Masculinity as a Political Category

The second workshop of ICSM was carried out in November 2, 2013 in Trabzon, Turkey with the theme of Masculinity as a Political Category. In this workshop, Mehmet Bozok presented his studies regarding Masculinities in Trabzon city. Based on this presentation, the participants in the worksop discussed the issue of the relationship between politics and masculinities and the main concepts about this relationship.  Following this, after Bilhan Gözcü made a short presentation as a moderator of the second part, the participants discussed the issue of profeminist masculinity activism and Non-governmental Organizations.  The worshop underlined the importance of handling masculinity issue in academic studies in addition to active activism about profeminist masculinities; discussed the political representation of masculinity and masculine power, and its conceptualizations as well as the reconstruction and domination of masculinities in political area.

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