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Manuscrpt Submission Rules

Manuscripts to be submitted to the Masculinities;

On A4 size white page, page margins should be left of the top 2.5 cm, bottom 2.0 cm, left 2.5 cm, right 2.5 cm and pages should not be numbered.

Double spaced with Times New Roman style and (Excluding the title page) should be written as plain text in 12 font size (These dimensions will ensure that the submitted tables and graphics do not exceed the journal page size and are easier to use).

In the writing, one space should be used following punctuation marks, such as commas and periods.

The parts that need to be emphasized in the text and the titles of works such as books and journal titles should be written in italic.

Notes and explanations (if any) should be given as footnotes.

Tab key should not be used at the beginning of the paragraphs and enter key should not be used between the paragraphs.

0 pt before the paragraph and 6 pt after the space should be left. No additional blank lines should be left between paragraphs.


The submitted manuscripts must follow the citation rules of the 2020 (seventh) edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) (see https://apastyle.apa.org/ )

Title page

Abstract page (Turkish and English for submissions in Turkish) and Keywords (3-6)

Main text


Appendix (if any)

Figure Captions and figures (if any)

Author Notes


Title Page

The title page should be a separate page to the running head, the title of the study, the authors, the institutions of the authors and the author’s note.

For detailed information and examples, see https://apastyle.apa.org/style-grammar-guidelines/paper-format/title-page

Running Head: Write the short title of your work in capital letters, consisting of several words, by leaning to the upper left corner of the page to the left.

Title: Should be compatible with the content of the article and should consist of maximum 10-12 words; Cambria style should be used in 12 font size and bold letters, centred on the page.

Author name and information: Author’s name and surname should be written below the manuscript title by centring the page. Job title, institution address and e-mail should be appear at the bottom of the first page marked by a star (*) right after the surname. Author information should only be included in the title page and should not be used in the main body of the article.



Abstract section 

Should start in a separate page after the title page

Should be written in Turkish and English (for submissions in Turkish)

Should be under the title of “Abstract”

Should not exceed 200 words

Should contain 3 to 6 keywords; and these keywords should be given under the body of the abstract and follow the title of “Keywords”.

Should be prepared to present the key aspects and the main argument of the manuscript

Should not include any abbreviations, references, quotations, tables or figures.


Main Text

Main text should start in a separate page following the abstract page.

The title of the manuscript needs to be written in the upper right corner of each page

Introduction should lay out the main problematic of the article by contextualizing it in a broader scholarly context. Introduction should also include the argument as well as a brief outline of the main points in article. The Method section (applying to empirical research articles) should briefly explain the method(s) used in the research and the rationale behind that choice as well as the data collection and analysis processes and participants.


In-Text Quotations:

Quotations exceeding 40 words need to be written in a separate block. This block should be intended 1 cm from left and right sides with 10 font size (Cambria) and 15 pt. line spacing without any quotation marks.

In-text short quotations: Quotations below 40 words can be used in text by using quotation marks



This part should start on a new page. All works cited in the text should be included in the end-text reference list and all works cited in the reference list should be referred in the text.

Works cited in the text should be written in an alphabetical order based on the surnames of the authors.

The author name and the date in the cited work must match the author name and date information in the end-text reference list.

The works of the same author are sorted by the publication year, the earliest work being in the first order.

When citing the authors’ single and multiple co-authored works, first cite the work with single author regardless of the publication year.

In the case of multiple works with the same publication year with multiple authors, use an alphabetical order in terms of the second author if the first author is the same across the works; use an alphabetical order in terms of the third author if the first and the second author are the same across the works.


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The works cited in the reference list should follow the examples below


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